Australian Tourist or Visitor Visa

Australian Tourist or Visitor Visas

Subclass 600(Tourist visa from India)- In case, you wish to visit your friends and family, subclass 600 is one of the visas that allow you to stay for up to 12 months, along with the only provision being that you are a genuine tourist. Also, you can apply for this visa if you wish to visit your close ones.
Subclass 600(Family Sponsored Visa)- If you wish to visit your family members in Australia and they sponsor your visa, then this visa is known as an Australian family-sponsored visa. Also, with this provisional visa, you get a chance to study to study for up to three months.
Subclass 600(Business Visitor Visa)- If your business interest lies in Australia or you wish to explore that, then Business Visitor Visa is for you, allowing you to be a part of the Australian economy for up to three months. With this visa, you can also take part in trade fairs.
Subclass 771(Transit Visa)- You are required to apply for this visa if you are transiting via Australia. This visa entitles you to transit through Australia legally. And this visa is valis for up to 72 hours.
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