USA Tourist Visa

USA Tourist Visa

  • A citizen of a foreign country can enter the USA by obtaining a visa, either temporarily or non-immigrant visa, or permanently called an immigrant visa for permanent residence.
  • Tourist visas are non-immigrant visas for persons who want to come to the United States for any of these two reasons:
    1. B1 Visa: It is meant for a business that includes:
      • Consultation with business associates.
      • Negotiating a contract.
      • Attend a business, scientific, or educational conference.
    2. B2 Visa: It is meant for Tourism and includes:
      • Medical treatments.
      • Visiting relatives or friends
      • Attending social events like sports, music or cultural.
      • Holidays or Vacation Times
      • Enrolment in short amusement/recreational courses, etc.

Prohibition to Tourist Visa

If someone is traveling to give birth to get U.S. citizenship for their child, the visitor visa will not be issued.


Tourist visas are allowed for a maximum time of six months.

Eligibility to apply for U.S. Tourist Visa

The following persons are qualified to apply for Visitor Visa to the USA:

Documentation Needed

The following documents are required to help you get a Tourist Visa:

The Process to apply for this Visa

You have to follow the steps in chronological order mentioned on the website of the U.S.A. Embassy.

Make an Appearance at Visa Interview

A gazetted officer would be present to interview you about the purpose of visiting the US and will make sure that you have fulfilled all the requirements as per the US laws.

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A visitor visa temporarily allows you to visit your friends and family, spend your vacation, conduct your business prospects, and various related activities.

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Status Change

If you get an employment opportunity in the US or marry a person who is U.S. citizen, then you can request a change in your tourist visa to another category mentioned in USCIS(U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services).

Visa Rejections

Visa Ineligibilities are mentioned in the immigration and Nationality Act (INA). Some of the reasons can be:

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