USA H1B Visa

USA H1B Visa

H1B Visa, also called a Work Visa is the best way for an employee to work in the U.S. It is a temporary work visa that is available to highly qualified workers/specialists in their field be it Information Technology, Finance, Medicine, Architecture, Technology, or more.

Eligibility for H1B Visa

The following points make you admissible to apply for this visa:
  1. Education:
  2. Experience Needed: These are as:
    • The candidate must have completed his graduation or post-graduation from the country they reside in or from the U.S.
    • Work experience is also equally required with the Education of the applicant.
    Note: The U.S. based Visa system works on points and to make your application get easily assessed, you need to obtain at least 12 points.
    Working of Points System: It is as:
    • 1 point for 1 year of work experience
    • 3 points for 1 year of school
    • 3 points for education
    The process of apply for H1B Visa: Involves the following steps:
    1. Checking Eligibility: Foremost thing is to check whether you are eligible for a work visa or not.
    2. Applying for a job vacancy in the U.S.: As and when the job vacancy is out by U.S. based corporation/employer, straightway apply to that job which matches your field and special skill or interests you have.
    3. The process initiated by the Employer: A petition would be filed by the employer who wants to hire you for the job position mentioned.
      Also, the employer needs to furnish the following documentation:
      • Possess an LCA (Labor Condition Application): The first step from the employer’s size is to get an LCA from the Department of Labour of the U.S. which gives empowerment to the employer to hire foreign workers and gives them fair remuneration.
        • No. of years for which the employee is getting hired will also be mentioned here.
        • This form acts as a guarantee for the U.S. Department in terms of:
          • Fair wages are to be given to employees hired.
          • Providing a good working environment to them.
          • Full disclosure of company’s information including number of employees.
          • Place/Location of the job.
          • To notify changes in this form, if any for the newly hired.
      • File a petition with USCIS: The next step is to file an offer a job letter to the foreign worker and file a petition regarding that with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.
        • This form is filled out to get approval/permission from the U.S. government to hire a new person from another country.
      • Fill in form I-129: Employers have to file this form in such cases:
        • If the employee wants to get his work extended.
        • If 2 employers are hiring the same worker
        • If the existing employee wants to switch to another job there
      • Maintain the File Document: It includes:
        • Form I-129 and its respective fees.
        • Prevention and Misrepresentation of Fraud Fees.
        • Training Fund Fees of Employer
        • At least 15 photographs of the employer’s premises. etc.
      • Wait for Outcome: If USCIS approves the application, then they’ll issue a form I-797.
    4. Documentation required from the employee side: The employee needs to furnish:
      • The current passport is valid for six months.
      • Previous passports if any.
      • Fees Receipts
      • Photo in accordance to photograph requirements
      • Interview Appointment Letter
      • Original and copy of form I-129
      • Copy f form I-179
      • Resume if needed
      • Pervious Pay Slips if required, etc.
    5. Applying for Visa at U.S. Embassy: The involves applying for a visa at U.S. Consulate in your home country.
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A visitor visa temporarily allows you to visit your friends and family, spend your vacation, conduct your business prospects, and various related activities.

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HIB Visa Cost

It will cost from $400-$500.
Note: A candidate can also apply for H4 Visa in case he doesn’t want a permanent residency but wants to stay in the country for study/work-related activities.
Eligibility for H4 Visa: Either U.S. H Types Visa Holders spouses or children under the age of 21 are eligible for such type of visa.
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